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All auditions at Contra Costa Civic Theatre, 951 Pomona Ave, El Cerrito, unless otherwise noted.


By Larry Shue

Directed by Ken Sonkin

Tuesday, February 3, 7-10pm
Wednesday, February 4, 7-10pm

Saturday, February 7, 1-4pm

5 men, 25-45
1 woman, 65-70+
1 woman, 25-35

Prepare one contemporary monologu2e; total time 90 seconds. Rehearsals begin Feb 23. Show dates Apr 3-Apr 26. Non-AEA. Travel stipend. Audition appointments at auditions@ccct.org; please put FOREIGNER AUDITIONS in the subject header. Cast breakdown below.


  • Froggy LeSueur, 30-40, cheerful British Army demolitions expert. Cockney accent

  • Charlie Baker, 30-40, Science-fiction magazine proofreader, mild-mannered, depressed. British accent

  • Betty Meeks, 65-70’s, Elderly widow, owner of the fishing lodge. Both wise and naïve. Georgia accent

  • Rev. David Marshall Lee, 30-35, Engaged to Catherine. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Georgia accent

  • Catherine Sims, 25-35, Rev. David’s fiancée, a pretty heiress going through an emotional time. Georgia accent

  • Owen Musser, 40’s, Tilghman County property inspector, a dangerous racist. Georgia accent

  • Ellard Sims, 25-35, Catherine's dim-witted brother. Lumpy, overgrown, backward youth. Georgia accent


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