Mission and Board membership

Contra Costa Civic Theatre is a volunteer-based nonprofit community theatre that provides high-quality live theatre and education in the performing arts.

CCCT is a nonprofit community theater and one of only three live performing arts organizations with permanent homes in West Contra Costa County. Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality entertainment to residents throughout the East Bay and provide training in live performing arts for children and adults.

CCCT was established in 1959 by Louis and Bettianne Flynn and a group of dedicated volunteers.

It was originally located at Blake Street and San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. In 1970, the City of El Cerrito approached the CCCT with a proposal to take over the defunct Boys Club building at Pomona Avenue and Moeser Lane (our current site). However, the building was just a shell with no stage area. Through fundraising efforts and personal loan, money was raised and construction began. Volunteers worked nonstop for nine months. The theater opened in July 1971 with the production of "Play It Again Sam." Read more about our history

CCCT is proud to be an independent, self-sufficient organization.

The theater and its programs are supported by box office sales, tuition fees and donations. However, the community is responsible for its formation and consequential success. Volunteers continue to be instrumental in all facets of CCCT's programming. Similarly, numerous businesses and social organizations have supported the theater throughout its long history.

What started out as a small local theater has grown into a source of pride for the county of Contra Costa and the entire East Bay. CCCT hopes to continue fulfilling its mission in new and creative ways for generations to come.

CCCT is a leader in on-stage training for children and young adults.

Live at CCCT, the theater's youth program features drama and musical theater classes, vocal training, summer drama camp and an after-school program. Students learn firsthand about make-up, lighting, costuming, play writing, set construction and basic theater training. Live at CCCT's goal s to have the students gain confidence, work together and build lifelong skills. Its philosophy is that theater is cooperative, creative, and most importantly, fun.

CCCT Board of Directors

Board directors are trustees who act on behalf of the Theatre.  They have principal responsibility for fullment of our mission, and accountability for operations.  CCCT is always open to individuals who want to serve the Theatre, and our community, through membership on our Board.  If you would like to discuss Board membership, please contact Kimberly Mayer at kmayer@ccct.org.

The membership of CCCT's Board of Directors, as of September 2014:

Kimberly Mayer, President

Kathleen J. Perka , Secretary

Leigh Johnson, Treasurer

Sandy Bacskai, Member

David Bogdonoff, Member

Lynn Caffrey, Member

Maria Fort, Member

Kathleen Ray, Member

Maureen Ray, Member

Mark Wininger, Member